Liliana Silverbow

Elf of Mirkwood




An elf of Mirkwood, Liliana was the daughter of Calebor and Melanor. Thalion was Liliana’s best friend and trained her how to be a skilled archer. He was the one who gave her the title Silverbow. He had crafted a bow just for her and when she proved adept in a skirmish with Orcs, he gave her the nickname. Liliana wasn’t always fond of the customs of her people, but she agreed to the marry Thalion because she did not feel that anyone could understand her the way he did. The Battle of the Five Armies was a turning point for her and she did not want to fight. She felt it wasn’t their place to get involved with the world outside the elves. She had grown up hearing stories of people in the realm making their own choices, which made her feel like she lacked control over her life. Liliana was stubborn, and even when Thalion begged her to fight in the war, she refused. Her parents, as well as Thalion went off to fight, but there were some elves that remained behind. During the war Liliana received a letter saying that Thalion was severely wounded. Liliana made haste and left for Dale, but when she arrived she received word that Brannock Bosun had ferried the wounded and the dead back to Dale. Among the dead were her parents and Thalion, who were killed by orcs. Liliana was grief stricken; feeling responsible for the deaths of her loved ones. Perhaps she could have protected them if she wasn’t so stubborn. Now she lives with the guilt and seeks to avenge their deaths. She realized she was naïve and opened her eyes to the elvish customs; embracing them as her family and Thalion had wished. By protecting her kin and the borders of Mirkwood she hopes to atone for her sins against her family and Thalion.

Liliana Silverbow

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