Exiled son of a traitor; recently widowed


While still in the womb, Ivy’s rather betrayed their race to the Orcs. Considering him tainted they have him the name “Of No Blood” along with a patronymic. His few friends chose to abbreviate it, as it would be written in Common as I.V. or Ivy. He became, perhaps regrettably, outspoken against what he saw as excessive pride and isolationism of the Elves. Over the next eighty or ninety years— he insists his time there was of so little consequence that he lost track— the few friends he had distances themselves to save face (Liliana? Could be a nice hook…). In short order he took his leave without a word, inducting himself into Mannish society instead.

In the Battle of Five Armies he chose to fight alongside his Mannish companions, taking a place of a riverboat transporting supplies to the front lines and then the wounded back from them. It was in the time leading up to the battle that he met and fell in love with a Mannish female warrior, Ragnhild. In an odd twist of fate, this ended up being the same boat Liliana’s fallen husband was transported back on.

Some mere weeks later Ivy and Ragna found a priest willing to have them wed. Only a handful of comrades-in-arms and Ragna’s sister Asta were in attendance. While Ivy wished to change his given name his new wife insisted he only adjust the suffix, but translated it as “Bloodless” instead of “Of No Blood” as the stories— which no doubt grew in the retelling— said that Ivy’s spearmanship was so great that no a single drop of enemy blood fell upon the boat.

Barely a month passed for the newlyweds before Ragna began to become sickly. The doctor called in claimed it as a result of a gut wound sustained in battle. There was nothing to be done accept grant her herbs to numb the pain. Still, for the few years that it lasted it was a happy marriage and the couple were content to live in a small cabin built themselves, about half a day’s walk from town, enjoying another’s company and that of the nature around them.

Ivy’s tale now begins on the day of Ragnhild’s passing.


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